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  David Georgeson from Everquest Next insinuated in an interview with Jess from Curse during PaX that Everquest Next will be the MMO for people who have always wanted to create their own game. Will Everquest Next be extensive enough that other studios can have a reasonable business model implementing their own IP and ideas within the Everquest world, including ?
  The Everquest Next team is filled with Brilliant Designers. However, there are many brilliant people in the field of mmorpg design, and they all have differing opinions as to what makes an MMO great. Everquest Next could be the crucible within which these ideas can be quickly implemented, assessed and honed to perfection, resulting in a multitude of amazing games. Here's to hoping!

Thoughts on Games

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 Although I've always wanted a career in game development, my unique abilities in OS, hypervisor and system development has made that dream impractical. However, I will always have a passion for game development and will use this limited forum to express my ideas.
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